Abid Ali

Abid Ali is the trustee of the Sahara Team Trust. All the activities of the trust take place under his supervision.


Syed Shahbaaz

Syed Shahbaz, who works at a mosque and is a regular contributor and devotes his morning time to the trust.


Mohd Parvez

Mohd Parvez is a helper at a local pharmacy and is one of the most consistent volunteer for the activities of the trust.


Mohd Khadeer

Mohd Khadeer, who works as a salesman in a Private company, devotes his morning hours to the trust.


Shukoor Khan

Shukoor khan. A Chartered Accountant , manages all the funds, operations and statutory and legal compliances of the Trust.

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We pledge to maintain the accountability and transparency of the transactions and events that the STT performs and which shall be accessible to all the volunteers, sponsors, partners and general public at large.