About us

We Work To Eradicate deaths due to Hunger

Sahara Team Trust was founded by Amir Ali. He started to feel the need to start an organization in the year 2019 as he closely observed the homeless people and the hunger they faced on a daily basis. He experienced a feeling of contentment in giving and there is no big kindness than bringing hope for the hopeless. This organization aims at making everyone realize that two meals per day is a necessity and there is joy in sharing and giving. Having a surplus is a share of the ones having a little less. He feels that we, as a human race have evolved to the climax but our humanity has been left behind. The good thing about humanity is that it is infectious. When an individual or organization contributes to a cause, others around them take notice and as a result positivity gets instilled in the society as a whole.

no poverty

best education

clean water

good health


help is our main goal!

We pledge to maintain the accountability and transparency of the transactions and events that the STT performs and which shall be accessible to all the volunteers, sponsors, partners and general public at large.

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If you can't save million lives, save one life by feeding today!